GrabEASY - Easy Grabber, Retriever, and Pick-up Tool
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GrabEASY – The Easy Grabber is a unique, reusable, must have tool that helps in a variety of ways. The Easy Grabber also helps with easily lifting the nails, screws, bolts and nuts that fall on the ground and not easily accessible avoiding the need to move equipment or vehicles and also saving the back. If an item is accidentally dropped down the drain, the Easy Grabber can be inserted through a conventional pop-up drain stopper or the ClogFree Pop-Up by easily removing the stopper without the need to go under the sink and removing the connecting ball rod providing full access to the PermaFLOW™ No Clog Drain, for a quick and mess-free retrieval of the dropped item. Slow or clogged sinks is one of the most common problems facing homeowners Conventional Pop Up Drain designs include a connecting rod resulting in buildup of hair and debris over time causing bad odor, and slow or clogged sinks. The Easy Grabber can help in easily clearing clogged and slow running drains .It works like a plumbing snake but with a difference. It provides a convenient way to grab the hairs to easily clear the clog.

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GrabEASY - Easy Grabber, Retriever, and Pick-up Tool

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