PlungeMAX - No Mess Sanitary Toilet Plunger
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The PlungeMAX easily unclogs the toilet but without the fuss, mess or splash. Gone are the standard dirty plunger and harsh chemical drain cleaners, eliminating a host of health, safety and environmental concerns. Constructed from strong vinyl and flexible steel rings, PlungeMAX is a high-volume bellows that effortlessly operates from the top of the toilet seat rim, pushing compressed air through the water in the toilet bowl, directly targeting the clog. The patent-pending Pressaire™ Technology delivers a blast of air ? more than twenty-five times the air volume of a standard plunger ? and never touches water. Clogs are cleared in a sanitary manner leaving the germs where they belong, in the bowl. When the clog is cleared, the PlungeMAX can easily be folded and stored in a convenient location. PlungeMAX is a better, simpler, safer and more eco-friendly way to eliminate one of the most unpleasant problems in the home.

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PlungeMAX - No Mess Sanitary Toilet Plunger

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